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The design of truly functional cabinetry doesn't happen by accident and takes very careful expertise and planning to maximise the use of space.


Integrity Kitchen Company employs qualified interior designers to work closely with our clients and guide them through the design & materials selection process. 


Hi tech 3D design software is used to create your custom designed kitchen to suit your lifestyle and maximise available space.  We can display the 3D scaled images of your design on the large TV screen in our Showroom and are able to step you through your kitchen and show you the exact fit-out and finish of each cabinet and its contents.  


We provide full colour consultation and guidance on materials, handles, fixtures and finishes.  


Although we don't sell appliances, we can recommend and offer advice.


Planning & Project Management


We use project management software to keep installations on track & keep our clients informed of progress. 


Our software tracks projects from design phase through to completion. 


Detailed timelines are developed for medium to large projects.